Abstract Fractals

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Abstract Fractals

I've always been fascinated with the seemingly abstract designs of Fractals and thought I would do some exploration on the subject. The one shown here made me think of Seashells. So colorful, not like any I've ever found, but I can dream of a place where those colors exist on a faraway beach.

Did you know Fractals occur naturally in nature? Clouds, vegetables, color patterns, lightning, and snowflakes are some of them. An important use of Fractals is known as Fractal Geometry. Relative to the thousands of miles of coastline, there wasn't an accurate way to measure them until it was discovered they could be measured using Fractal Geometry.

Benoit Mandelbrot, a research scientist found through the use of a computer and complex calculations that he was producing repeating formations that were the very similar at any scale. His work produced what is known as the Mandelbrot set. He coined the term 'Fractal' in 1975 to describe repeating or self-similar mathematical patterns. So glad he did because I love the shapes and complexities of them!

You can see my explorations into this realm by selecting the more info button. They are available on select merchandise. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy making them, and if you find one you would enjoy looking at everyday go ahead and order one! You'll love it!