I Buy My Work Too

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I Buy My Work Too

I have often purchased my own work to check the quality and because many of my photos I fall in love with. One recent capture I've purchased from the New Product listings - Shower Curtains.

I had visited a site that has ancient Cedar trees 1,000 years old, some of which are more than 8 feet in diameter. I was hoping to get the feeling that I was again standing amongst these giants just before I stepped into the scene and into the shower.

Hurray, I was successful in getting that feeling. The image is enlarged a bit to fit the size of a shower curtain but it doesn't lose much in quality. It was as I expected for a fabric print. The curtain quality was very good and I'm happy with the way it turned out and the effect. It feels like I'm standing at the base of the Giant Cedar.

Fires in our area are threatening this special area and I'm fearful the trip I made might have been the only one before they are all destroyed. I will treasure my images of them forever more.

Kudos to Fine Art America and Pixels for producing a very nice product!