In love with the Art of Andy Goldsworthy

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In love with the Art of Andy Goldsworthy

I’m in love with the Art of Andy Goldsworthy

I was first introduced to the Land Sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy through a film called “Rivers and Tides” back in 2002. Directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer, this wonderful documentary follows Mr. Goldsworthy through several days and projects, revealing his art and connection with the land.

His creativity is a joy to watch come alive. He has an innate ability to use objects of nature to create Art that builds on what Mother Nature made, pushing them into brilliant objects that are themselves, the essence of the land.

One might wonder how Nature could be improved upon, but you mustn’t think of it like that. It is more of an ‘extension’ of Nature, empathy with the earth.

Working with snow, ice, leaves, bark, rock, clay, stones, feathers petals, twigs or whatever is at hand, Andy creates abstract pieces that he photographs when complete before they begin to spiral into decay.

If you Google Andy Goldsworthy images you will see many of his fabulous works that elicit a resounding WOW, especially when you find out how he made them. I don't want to post any of Andy's Photographys as they belong to him and I don't have permission. There are however many online that you can see. Check it out, you won’t be sorry!