Learn to Appreciate Digital Art

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Learn to Appreciate Digital Art

As an Artist, I am always expanding my knowledge and skills; growth through experience. Since my beginnings in photography and Digital Design Iíve come a long ways. I believe Iíve made huge strides in my photography and I feel Iíve stepped up my Digital Design a notch as well.

Photoshop has become a dirty word in some circles. Many people feel that because something is created on a computer it isnít Art. Digital Art can be a huge challenge that few understand. Learning to use a software program is always the first step in creating something on a computer. Most people never have to learn a complex program and think that it is as easy as the ones they might use on a daily basis like MS Word.

The programs that are used by Artists are complex and most Artists never use the programs to their fullest extent. Thatís because the programs are so large and do so many different things that it takes years to fully put into use all the different features of some programs.

Professional software programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Paint, are used in many high end Art professions like Graphic Design, Commercial Design, Interior Design, etc. These programs, along with a variety of others, are used as well by Artists.

They are large and complex programs and can take several years of use to become good at using them. I began using them when I returned to school at the Art Institute. I was using these programs throughout my 4 years there, becoming proficient in using them in the way I needed to accomplish my tasks. I was putting to use about one-quarter of what the programs will do.

Learning to use a complex software program is only the beginning. Creating Art with those programs requires a creative mind with vision. Once the software is semi-mastered it doesnít mean you can get your creative vision successfully out of your mindís eye and created in the program. Digital Art creations donít just materialize without a good grasp of design elements like composition, color, balance, value.

Mastering a complex program, creating a work of Art, and getting it out of the computer and in front of an appreciative audience is an incredible challenge that is a daunting task; not for those who are looking for an easy way to create and sell some Art. Successfully convincing people that Digital Art is an Art form is gaining some momentum, but there is and will always be nay sayers.

The next time you open and write an email, use MS Word, Excel, or any other computer program, think about how long itís taken you to learn these programs and any other new program and then ask yourself if you could spend 4-10 years learning a program. Perhaps then you can look upon a Digital Art piece and say, ďWow, thatís really something!Ē