Not your Usual Still Life

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Not your Usual Still Life

When Fran sits down to create, it is within a 5 inch square. Using very tiny watch parts, Fran puts together the parts and pieces to create a work of Art.
Beginning with a stash of old pocket watch pieces the process developed in her vision as dials, gears, and stems into shapes that resembled organic forms; she meticulously places strategic parts.

As a Photographer she grabbed the camera and began a process of creating the still, photographing it, and then adding color and texture in Photoshop. The result is what she has termed -Mechanical Clockworks- seen in Hearts, animals and abstract configurations.
She is still in the early stages of the process but likes how the pieces turn into something unexpected. -I rarely know what I am making at the beginning. It just seems to appear and then I take it to the next level.-

The process can days to produce from start to finish. Fran lives in Helena Montana and also works as a Mechanical Drafter.